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THE GREEN MACHINE creates impactful, diverse, unique, and innovative performances for a variety of venues and occasions, from athletic contests to university ceremonies to student recruitment to national and international competitions.  It is a multi-disciplinary arts ensemble composed of musicians, dancers, dramatists, visual artists, choreographers, arts/business managers, educators, and enthusiasts. In addition, The Green Machine’s inclusive and innovative approach represents the embodiment of Mason’s ideals and values.



George Mason University will be the international hub of marching/pageantry arts and sports entertainment, and the gold-standard of contemporary comprehensive approaches to inclusive and collaborative arts culture.  

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The Green Machine, inclusive of its ensembles -- the Pep Band, the Drumline, the Color Guard, the Fife and Drum Corps, and others yet to be imagined -- brings George Mason University’s values to life. Among the most recognizable and visible representation of the university, the Green Machine embodies Mason’s values through its memorable performances and transformative experiences. Participants in Green Machine ensembles form unique bonds with each other, the program, and the university, while learning essential skills that prove to be transferable to professional and personal life.


The Green Machine was created in 2006, inspired by the achievement of the Men’s Basketball team reaching the NCAA Final Four, and spearheaded by the Office of Admissions.  With its spirited performances, remarkable excellence, and unique approach to bringing performing arts to life, the Green Machine quickly became an integral part of the Mason community, embraced by students, faculty, and administration.


The Green Machine leadership team has created this unrivaled program out of deep academic and professional experience, ingenuity, philosophy of education and innovation, and sheer mettle. The Green Machine has responded to opportunities, created unique student experiences, and has pieced together funding to support those opportunities and experiences over time, while being asked to perform more, speak more, and be ever-present as ambassadors of Mason in many different ways.

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