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Green & Gold Soul

The Green & Gold Soul music genres span from RnB, Pop, and Hip Hop to Funk and Rock. Blending in multiple generations of music from timeless classics to soulful B-Side charts.

The Green & Gold Soul focuses on two major missions: To create an energetic and engaging environment during every performance and to develop a musician's ability to learn and perform songs off of the page and flow with the dynamics of performance. Since it emerged in 2015 it has been under the direction of Prof. Bobby Lacy II. 


Embracing the mission of its parent ensemble, Doc Nix and the Green Machine, the Green & Gold Soul is a band that embodies an unbiased educational experience for their members and potential members all while prioritizing an inclusive and diverse environment for the students.


If you are interested in joining the Green & Gold Soul please email

If you are interested in booking Green & Gold Soul please email

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