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The 8th Green Machine Regiment Band

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The 8th Green Machine (GM) Regiment Band is an early American brass band that performs 19th-century brass band music for a variety of occasions including historical events, parades, university celebrations, and more! The band was created in 2017 by Dr. Chris Troiano and Dr. Michael Nickens.

The band performs on authentic 19th-century instruments and mouthpieces. A number of the instruments used by the band feature an Over-the-Shoulder (OTS) bell direction. This design was utilized so that a band could march in front of soldiers and be heard by the troops.

During the 1800s, bands attached to militia units and military regiments would typically wear the same uniforms as the soldiers. It was up to the discretion of the officers to embellish or improve the band uniforms out of their own pocket. For this reason, the 8th GM Regiment Band wears green military uniforms to align ourselves with the school colors of George Mason University. However, the uniforms are also reminiscent of those worn by the 1st and 2nd United States (Berdan's) Sharpshooters during the American Civil War. Their green uniforms served as an early form of camouflage during the war.

The music performed by the ensemble is presented in a manner that is both historically and socially respectful for a modern audience, while at the same time celebrating the aural beauty and excitement of America during the 1800s.

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