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Patriots Fife and Drum Corps

What is the audition process for the George Mason University Patriots Fife and Drum Corps?


The Patriots Fife and Drum Corps was formed in 2012 and is a class offered at George Mason University.


For audition information, please contact the Program Director Emily Barone. You can access registration for the Patriots Fife and Drum Corps on PatriotWeb under 'Historical Ensembles' MUSI 280.004.


The unique character of George Mason University is in no small part due to its location. We are privileged to be in proximity to both our nationʼs historical bedrock as well as its vigorous epicenter. The intent of building a ceremonial corps is to enhance our connection to and participation in the wealth of active public life that continuously unfolds around us. Ceremonial traditions are simultaneously the keepers of our cultural memory and the means of furthering our public discourse. Music and pageantry are deeply embedded in these ceremonial traditions.


In May 2019, the Patriots Fife and Drum Corps received a beautiful set of hand-painted snare drums. We would like to thank Loyal Drums, Brooke Stevens, and all our donors for their help in making this possible!

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