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Emerald Desire


Emerald Desire, a dance team established in 2019 by Amaya Thomas, an alumna of George Mason University, under the banner of Green Machine, embodies a commitment to Style, Agility, and Creativity. Utilizing a diverse range of dance disciplines including jazz, modern, and hip-hop, Emerald Desire channels the rich tradition of the African-American Marching band style, presenting a unique and captivating performance.

Each dancer within the ensemble brings forth a distinctive approach to their craft, showcasing sensational dance moves that captivate audiences. Recognizing the importance of academic focus and engagement in extracurricular activities, Emerald Desire fosters a holistic approach to student development. Presently, the team is under the current leadership of Coach Ashley Thomas, also an alumna of George Mason University.


To join Emerald Desire or if you have any questions about auditions or events, please contact Mrs. Thomas at

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