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Staff Member Highlight: Travis Peterman


A brief interview with Travis Peterman

Name: Travis Peterman

Hometown: Newark, DE

What is your role with the Green Machine?

Program Director of the Indoor Drumline

When did you first join the Green Machine Ensembles?

I came on board in June of 2016 as the drumline program coordinator and designer.

Why do you think the Green Machine Ensembles is a unique organization?

There isn’t anything quite like the GME in terms of variety of performing groups- from the pageantry arts, to athletic bands, to Civil War-era ensembles, there is something for everyone.

What is a favorite memory you have with the Green Machine Ensembles?

The first time I saw the pep band practice live was super cool- the group that started it all.

What is your favorite song in the pep band book?

Not sure if it’s still in the book, but the viral video of Rage Against the Machine is awesome.

Who is your favorite artist outside of Green Machine?

Really hard to pick just one! I’d have to say Red Hot Chili Peppers or Ne-Yo.

If you could learn a new instrument, what instrument would you want to learn and why?

I think being able to play the piano really well would be sweet.

This or That:

Johnson Center Panera or Johnson Center Chipotle

Gotta go with Chipotle, although they’ve both received plenty of my business.

What are you most excited for next season?

I’m excited to find new ways for the drumline to perform and interact with the rest of the university.

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