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Alumni Chapter


Read about the newly formed Green Machine Ensembles Alumni Chapter.

This past spring, the newly formed Green Machine Ensembles Alumni Chapter kicked into high gear! Led by President David Roth, the group held officer elections in late May and hit the ground running.

Anyone who has ever participated in any of the ensembles is a member of the Alumni Chapter! They serve thousands of university alumni, participants and community members that have connections to the Green Machine.

This year, the Chapter is focusing on three areas; service, fundraising and social. Some of the service initiatives planned include holding educational masterclasses and providing opportunities for alumni to sit in with the ensembles when help is needed. Fundraising activities will help support chapter events, such as get-togethers, but will also go towards current student instrument and scholarship needs. Finally, they have a number of social events planned, such as virtual trivia night, scavenger hunts and game nights.

If you have fond memories of being part of the Green Machine Ensembles, join the alumni chapter and catch up with old friends to relive some of those special times! You can join the email list at Membership Form for Green Machine Ensembles Alumni Chapter or the Facebook group at Green Machine Alumni Facebook Group. We look forward to seeing you there!

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