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Take Me Out to the Ballgame


We loved playing at the World Series!

What an exciting season for baseball in Washington DC! As we all know, the Nationals won the World Series. What you may not know is that the Green Machine was selected to perform at Nationals Park on two occasions.

First, the Pep Band was invited to perform on the Budweiser Terrace at the October 6th playoff game. We entertained the crowd and had the terrace rocking prior to the start of the game! The students and baseball fans had a great time. We were then invited back to perform at game 5 of the World Series! It was such an honor to be selected and was the highlight our of year. Our experience started with a day of media on Friday, October 26th. We took 18 members of the pep band down to Nationals Park, prior to game 3, and spent a few hours performing Baby Shark for all the local news stations. On game day, we left Fairfax early to arrive at the stadium by 2:00. First up was Doc Nix being featured on ESPN UK!


If you missed it, please see the footage below:

The Pep Band rocked the house on the Budweiser Terrace from 4:00 pm until game time. The fans loved every minute of it! What an experience – it’s one the students are sure to remember!


Check out some footage here:

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