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Giving Day Success


Giving Day 2021 was a huge success for the Green Machine Ensembles!

April 8, 2021 marked George Mason University’s annual Giving Day and this year, the Green Machine Ensembles asked for funds to purchase new jerseys and a new box truck. Our goals for these initiatives were $14,000 and $29,000 respectively. I am happy to report that we exceeded our jersey goal by almost $4,000 and we raised almost $13,000 towards a new truck. This was our best Giving Day yet!

We’d like to say "Thank You" to those of you who supported us on Giving Day – we could not do what we do without your continuing love and support! Because of you, we will be able to buy new jerseys for the band without having to burden the students with the cost. Because of you, we raised more than half of what was needed to buy another truck.

We are truly humbled and grateful for you, our friends.

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