Green Machine Ensembles finish strong at WGI Championships


Both the Mason Open Winterguard and the GMU Indoor Drumline made history at the 2019 WGI Championships in Dayton, Ohio!

The Mason Open Winterguard absolutely crushed their competition and earned first place (scored a 99.0) in independent open class at WGI Guard Championships in Dayton, Ohio. This is the group's highest score, first gold medal, and the sixth highest score in WGI guard! ​

Just one week later, the GMU Indoor Drumline earned tenth place (scored a 90.875) in independent world class at WGI Percussion Championships. Tenth place is the group's second highest placement (eighth in 2013) and this is the group's third year in a row earning a spot on finals night! ​

Our groups are the best in the Mid-Atlantic region and full of great hardworking students. We hope to see more history being made in the 2020 season next year!


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